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AnonPaste.org mer 说:
2020年7月09日 07:07

Anonymous and the People's Liberation Front are proud to announce a totally secure and safe alternative to the now infamous PasteBin service.

As many might be aware, PasteBin has been in the news lately for making some rather shady claims as to what they are willing to censor, and when they are willing to give up IP addresses to the authorities. And as a recent leak of private E-Mails show clearly, PasteBin is not only willing to give up IP addresses to governments - but apparently has already given many IPs to at least one private security firm. And these leaked E-Mail's also revealed a distinct animosity towards Anonymous. And so the PLF and Anonymous have teamed up to offer a paste service truly free of all such nonsense. Here is a brief list of some of the features of AnonPaste.org:

No connection logs, period.

All pastes are encrypted BY THE BROWSER using 256 bit AES encryption. This means there is no usable paste data stored on the server for the authorities or anyone else to seize.

No moderation or censorship. Because the data on our servers is unreadable by us (or anyone), the responsibility for the legality or appropriateness of any paste lies solely with the person posting. So there will be no need for us to police this service, and in fact we don't even have the ability of deleting any particular paste.

No advertisements. This service will be totally user supported through donations. Links for this are available on the web site.

Built in URL shortener for the convenience of people posting.

Paste services have become very popular, and many people want to post controversial material. This is especially so for those involved in Information Activism. We feel that it is essential that everyone, and especially those in the movement - have a safe and secure paste service that they can trust with their valuable and often politically sensitive material. As always, we believe in the radical notion that information should be free.

SIGNED -- Anonymous and the Staff of the People's Liberation Front PLF
Donate to AnonPaste.org
Please Donate To Bitcoin Address https://clicklink.app/Blockchain

Kennethmuh 说:
2020年7月09日 03:31

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2020年7月03日 17:20


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